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Featured Callers -- Jim Hattrick, Randy Dibble, & Daryl Clendenin

Jim Hattrick

Jim has called for over 56 years. Currently he calls for the Happy Hoppers, A-Squared, Checkerboard Squares, Eager Beavers, and a plus group in Edmonds. He calls all levels up to C1. He is a Chinook Records recording artist and calls for festivals, special weekends, and other events. In addition to calling, he choreographs and cues rounds. He has called for the Happy Hoppers for over 40 years. Jim has brought thousands of people to square dancing over the years.

It all started in 1959, at the age of 12, when some friends of Jim's invited him to go to a square dance with the Teen Twirlers Club in Aberdeen, WA. By the age of 21 Jim was calling, cueing, and teaching for several clubs in his local area. You could say he has been teaching and cueing rounds for more than 55 years. In addition to calling and teaching Basics through C-2 squares, teaching and cueing rounds through Phase IV, Jim has taught line dancing, clogging, and country partner pattern dancing. He has also written numerous round dances. Jim is a member of Callerlab and has recorded for Chinook Records.

Jim particularly enjoys teaching new dancer classes and one-night dance parties. There is nothing more exhilarating than the enthusiasm of new dancers.

Jim and Judy live in Vancouver, WA where they have raised four terrific boys. Jim's favorite dances have been "Hattrick in Concert" dances when all of his boys join him on stage and call with him.

Jim feels the most rewarding thing about square dance calling is all the wonderful people you meet and the friendships that have been made. It's about having fun and putting smiles on peoples faces.


Randy Dibble

Randy started calling in 1974 and has been full time since 1982. He calls and teaches from beginners through C1. Randy has recorded tunes on Circle D and on the Chinook record labels. He is currently working with Chinook and will be doing a remake of "Cool Drink of Water". He lives and calls in the Portland Oregon area for 5 clubs and travels out on the weekends to do festivals and weekends mostly on the West Coast but does take dates in other areas.

"Sharon is my wife and my inspiration. We love to dance and do at every opportunity. We round dance thru phase 4 and some phase 5, and love every minute of it". Randy spotted Sharon at a square dance near Boise, Idaho. She had called him in advance to inquire about a square dancing workshop. When she walked in the door of the workshop, Randy assumed it was her and introduced himself. During the square dance, he stepped out, wearing a headset to call and dance at the same time. They danced together. The next week, he called her again, and asked her on a date — and inquired whether she was single. When she arrived to meet him about a week later, he proposed. "I just asked if she'd marry me," he said. "And she stared and smiled, and I said, 'I'm serious.' And she laughed and said, 'What took you so long?'" They've been married for 16 years.

Daryl Clendenin

Daryl probably could be considered a native Oregonian, a resident for 76 years after moving with his parents from California at the age of two. His wife, Yvonne, is a native Oregonian born in Salem and was raised on her family's farm in Stayton (you've heard stories about the "farmer's daughter"). Daryl enjoys introducing her as his "Current wife Yvonne". They've been married for 57 years, raising 3 kids and are happy to have 4 wonderful grand-kids.

In 1967 Daryl and Yvonne were invited to join a Square Dance class. Remembering how much fun Daryl had square dancing in college, and the fact that Yvonne’s parents were avid square dancers, it didn't take much to persuade them to start. After dancing for about a year and a half, Daryl decided to try calling. He’s been calling since 1969 and has been fortunate enough to be able to make it his full time profession.

Daryl has traveled and called Internationally. He calls and teaches from beginners through A2. Daryl is a Callerlab accredited caller coach and annually conducts schools in the art of calling square dancing . The Cascade Callers' School follows the 4th of July weekend each year at Circle Eight Ranch in Washington State.

Daryl and Yvonne have hosted many tours for square dancers and friends to places all over the world. Among the places they have visited and called are, China, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji. Puerto Rico, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Germany, England, Denmark, Canada and many others. He has been featured at many State and area Festivals and takes pride in being able to call "fun" dances at all levels.

Daryl and Yvonnes' home club is the HOEDOWNERS of Aloha, Oregon. The club dances second and fourth Saturday nights at the ALOHA GRANGE , SW 185th Ave and TV Hwy in Beaverton, OR.

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